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How to use the Wireless Headphones Ambient Sound Mode and noise cancelling function

    When you want to enjoy music without worrying about ambient noise, turn on the noise cancelling function, and when you want to be aware of the ambient sound, turn on Ambient Sound Mode. The headset can be used comfortably by setting it to fit the situation.
    You can also optimise the noise cancelling function to match the wearing conditions of the headset or the environment.

    How to switch between the noise cancelling function and Ambient Sound Mode

    The noise cancelling function is turned on automatically when you turn on the headset. Press the NC/AMBIENT or NC button repeatedly.  

    Each time you press the button, the function is switched as follows.

    • Ambient Sound Mode ON
    • Noise cancelling function/Ambient Sound Mode OFF
    • Noise cancelling function ON

    NOTE: You can also adjust the ambient sound level using the Headphones Connect app. (WH-H900N, WH-1000XM2, WH-1000XM3)

    How to optimise noise cancelling (NC Optimizer)

    NC Optimizer is an optimising function that allows anyone to realise the full functionality of noise cancelling by detecting the headset-wearing conditions using the internal microphone.
    This function optimises the noise cancelling function by analysing the shape of your face, your hairstyle, whether you are wearing glasses and other headset wearing conditions, and pressure change on aeroplanes.

    1. Wear the headset with the power turned on.
    2. Press and hold the NC/AMBIENT or NC button (about 2 seconds).

      You will hear voice guidance "Optimizer start", after which the headset will measure and analyse your wearing conditions.
    3. Test signals can be heard during the optimisation setting. When the setting is complete, you will hear voice guidance "Optimizer finished".