Article ID : 00227227 / Last Modified : 02/12/2019

Software update for my Bluetooth Headphones doesn't complete

    • The message “Software transfer failed” was displayed mid-update, and the update does not continue.
    • The update freezes at the “Please wait...Downloading software....” screen.
    • The update freezes at the “Please wait...Updating...” screen.

    If any of these symptoms above occur, try the following solution.

    1. Tap Cancel on the Headphones Connect app to cancel the update.
    2. Turn off power to all Bluetooth devices connected to the mobile device being used for the update.
      NOTE: If another Bluetooth device registered to the Headphone Connect app or a device compatible with Bluetooth Low Energy (wearable device, smartwatch, etc.) is connected to your device, update may not be possible. 
    3. Turn off the mobile device. 
    4. Turn the mobile device back on.
    5. Relaunch the Headphones Connect app.
    6. Perform the update again using the Headphones Connect  app.


    • Turn off or close all other apps running on the mobile device.
    • Keep the headphone as close to the mobile device as possible.
    • Keep other devices that transmit radio waves, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices, away from the headphone and mobile device.