Article ID : 00226910 / Last Modified : 30/08/2021

My Amazon Alexa-enabled device doesn't respond to my voice commands

    Follow the instructions below to resolve the issue.

    1. Make sure that the microphone setting of the Amazon Alexa™-enabled device is set to ON.
    2. Change the name of the soundbar that is set as the Amazon Alexa-enabled device.
      • Depending on the Amazon Alexa device name, the recognition accuracy of the Amazon voice service might differ. 
      • On the Alexa app, change the Alexa device name, then try again.

        Did you know? 
        Register the Sound bar to the Preferred Speaker setting of the Amazon Alexa app to enable soundbar voice operation without having to speak the Alexa device name. 

    3. Check the Amazon Alexa language setting.
      • If the displayed language is different from the one that has been set, change it to the same langue.
        1. Check the language and voice command language set on Alexa-enabled devices.
        2. Check the language and voice command language set on the Music Center app for the system.