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The camera does not turn on or the camera turns off by itself (e.g. while shooting or recording a video.)

    This camera operates with alkaline or rechargeable Nickel-Metal-Hybrid AA batteries (not supplied). When wrong batteries are used or when they are not correctly charged, the camera may not function correctly.

    • Make sure that the batteries are correctly inserted.
    • When [Power Save] is set to [Standard] or [Max], and you do not operate the camera for a certain period of time while the power is on, the camera turns off automatically to prevent wearing down the batteries. Turn on the camera again. This is not a malfunction.
    • When using the camera in an extremely cold location, the batteries may run down faster.


    If you use alkaline batteries:

    • Use brand new alkaline batteries and make sure that they are inserted correctly.
    • Do not mix new and used batteries.
    • The remaining charge indicator may not be correct. Please use brand new batteries when the camera turns off although the remaining charge indicator suggests that the battery is full.


    If you use Nickel-Metal-Hybrid batteries:

    • Make sure that they are fully charged and that they are inserted correctly.
    • At the time of purchase, or when the NickelMetal Hydride batteries have not been used for a long time, they may not charge fully. This is typical of this type of battery and is not a malfunction. If this happens, repeatedly using up the batteries fully, and then recharging them should correct the problem.
    • If you recharge NickelMetal Hydride batteries before fully using up the existing charge, the low battery warning may be displayed sooner than expected. This is called the “memory effect.”. If this problem occurs, charging the batteries only after using up the existing charge will correct it.
    • To use up the batteries completely, put the camera in the slideshow mode and leave it that way until the batteries are used up.