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Where can I find official Sony certified parts & accessories?

    Where can I find official Sony certified parts & accessories?

    All Sony certified spare parts and accessories are made available via our online authorised service partner EET Europarts. EET covers a vast range of audio and visual products and can help you with replacements and repairs, or refer you to the resellers available in your country.

    >>> Visit EET Europarts

    What if I can't find my part or accessory on the EET website?

    If EET Europarts does not have the part or accessory you need, you might be able to find non-Sony vendors that sell similar items online or in generic electronics stores. 
    Just remember that Sony can never endorse or certify third-party vendors, which automatically makes a 3rd party purchase your responsibility and choice. If you attempt a repair yourself or use a non-Sony accessory that damages your product, you automatically forfeit any warranty conditions available to you. 


    How do I purchase a spare part or accessory?

    1. On the EET Europarts website, please type in your model in the "Sony Guide" search box
    2. Press Search and click on your model in the search results to confirm your selection
    3. Locate the item you are looking for in the list of spare parts
    4. Select your quantity and finish the check-out process. 
    5. For certain products, you may need to order through a reseller. If this is the case, you will see a notice referring you to contact EET who can support your request.

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    I want to know more about repairs

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