Article ID : 00245858 / Last Modified : 19/05/2020

Termination of the Maxdome app

    Dear valued Sony customer,

    ProSieben has announced that they will systematically migrate Maxdome users to their new service Joyn+.

    The Maxdome app will no longer be available on the Google Play Store and Sony Select as of May 31st, 2020.

    Please visit the Maxdome website for more information.

    Applicable models:

    2020 Sony Android TV 

    • XH90 and XH92 series

    • ZH8 series

    • XH80/81, XH85, XH91, XH95, A8 and 48A9S series

    2019 Sony Android TV

    • ZG9 Series

    • XG85, XG87, XG95, AG9 Series

    • XG80, XG81, XG83, XG90 and AG8 Series

    2018 Sony Android TV

    • ZF9, AF9 series.

    • XF75, XF80, XF83, XF85, XF87, XF90 and AF8 Series

    2017 Sony Android TV

    • XE80, XE83, XE85, XE90, XE93, XE94 and A1 Series

    2016 Sony Android TV

    • XD70, XD75, XD80, SD80, XD83 and ZD9 Series

    • SD85, XD85, XD93 and XD94 Series

    2015 Sony Android TV

    • W75C, W80C, W85C, S80C, S85C, X80C, X83C, X85C, X90C, X91C, X93C and X94C Series