Article ID : 00245860 / Last Modified : 14/05/2020

No ringtone, unable to launch Album, Music or Camera app not working after installing Android 10

    My notifications or media apps do not work immediately after the update.

    After installing Android 10, your phone needs to complete a one-time internal media database maintenance. This media database is stored on your phone and is used to index all your media files.
    This maintenance is part of the Android 10 update and will automatically begin after you use your fingerprint, pin-code or screen pattern for the first time you unlock and start the phone after the update. 

    If you haven’t set a fingerprint, pin code or screen pattern, the update will start once you:

    • Access media content (photos and videos)
    • Receive a call or notification
    • Launch an app that uses media content
    • A set alarm starts

    What to expect when this maintenance starts:

    You will not hear incoming notifications, set alarms or ringtones. Apps using sound or image content (e.g. Camera app, CinemaPro, Music app, ringtones, etc.) may not work. 

    Important to remember:

    • The maintenance can take up to 30 minutes, depending on how much data you have. 
    • It will take place in the background with no additional notifications at the beginning nor the end
    • During the maintenance, your phone will operate normally, besides the above temporary limitations
    • Your existing data will not be affected by this maintenance and is a mandatory part of the Android 10 update. 

    Your phone will return to its normal operating behaviour once the maintenance is complete.
    When you face some of the indicated symptoms, we advise to wait and try again after 30 minutes.