Article ID : 00248613 / Last Modified : 20/06/2022

Can I connect wireless speakers (SRS-X**) with different wireless speaker models?

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    You can connect a wireless speaker (the models with prefix SRS-XB**) to other speakers with the same wireless function supported.
    For more information on the Wireless Party Chain function, check the online help-guide, available on the product page of your device. 

    Devices compatible with the Wireless Party Chain function:

    • SRS-XB20
    • SRS-XB21
    • SRS-XB22
    • SRS-XB30
    • SRS-XB31
    • SRS-XB32
    • SRS-XB40
    • SRS-XB41
    • GTK-XB60
    • GTK-XB72
    • GTK-XB90

    Devices compatible with the Party Connect function:

    • SRS-XB23
    • SRS-XB33
    • SRS-XB43
    • SRS-XG500
    • SRS-XP500 
    • SRS-XP700

    NOTE: You cannot connect Wireless Party Chain supported wireless speaker models in combination with Party Connect supported models.