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No sound from rear speakers when using stereo input? Use multi-speaker mode

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    Why can’t I hear any sound from the rear channels?

    This Home Cinema Soundbar System has a multi-speaker mode that duplicates the signal from the front left and right speakers. It reproduces that same signal in the rear speakers if there aren’t enough audio signals to allow surround sound. 

    However, if the multi-speaker mode is not activated, a stereo signal (2-CH source) from your input device (e.g. TV) will only play via the front speakers, leaving your rear speakers silent. Without multi-speaker mode, the sound is only played from the speakers that correspond to the audio channels of the playback source. If that’s stereo sound (two channels), only the two frontal speakers will be used. 

    How to activate Multi-Speaker mode

    You can find the Multi Speaker mode in the [SPEAKER] menu:

    You can set the output of the speakers of the system:

    • [ON]: The sound is played from all speakers, regardless of the number of audio channels for the playback source (e.g. stereo equals two channels).
    • [OFF]: The sound is output from the speakers that correspond with the number of audio channels of your playback source.

    Multi-speaker mode is active, still no sound?

    If you’re confident that multi-speaker mode is set to ON, and there is still no sound, try the following:

    1. Check every speaker cable connection.
    2. Perform a reset.

    How to perform a reset

    1. Press MENU to turn on the menu in the front panel display.
    2. Use the arrow keys to select [RESET], then press ENTER.
    3. Use the arrow keys to select [ALL RESET], then press ENTER.
    4. Use the arrow keys to select [START] and confirm with ENTER.

    A reset will return all settings to their initial status.

    If you can’t perform a reset by using the menu: Press and hold the power  power buttonand minus volume button (-) on the subwoofer for over five seconds.