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No sound on one side - how to initialise the WF-XB700 Truly Wireless Headphones

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    If you are having an issue with your headphones, such as having no sound on one side, restoring your device to factory conditions, is an easy way to restore functions. Remember that initialising the headphones return them to factory conditions, thereby deleting any previous pairing information. After initialising the headphones, you will have to pair devices again. 

    How to initialise the WF-XB700

    1. Press and hold the buttons on both the left and right units of the headset for about 15 seconds until the red LEDs start to flash.
      You can ignore the blue LEDs flashing during those 15 seconds. 
    2. Once the red LEDs start flashing, release your fingers within 5 seconds. The red LEDs will stop flashing and stay continuously lit.
    3. While the red LEDs are lit, press the buttons on both the left and the right units once within 10 seconds. 
    4. After those 10 seconds, the blue indicators flash four times, and your headphones are restored.