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What is the difference between Static and Dynamic QR codes?

    Static QR code

    Static QR codes are useful in situations where the QR code doesn't need to be updated (e.g. during one-time marketing campaigns).

    Static QR Codes have an embedded URL with a fixed destination. The URL is part of the QR code pattern, which means you can’t edit static QR codes.

    Dynamic QR code

    Have you ever seen QR Codes on Food Packaging? Imagine how expensive it would be for food manufacturers if they had to print new packaging every time their QR code needed an update. Dynamic QR codes are editable and offer more features than Static QR Codes. 

    Dynamic QR codes have a short URL embedded in the code, which can redirect the user to the destination website URL. The destination URL can be changed after the QR code has been generated, while the short URL embedded in the code remains the same. 

    Dynamic QR codes are easier to scan than Static QR Codes because the QR code image is less dense. Unlike Static QR Codes, you can protect a Dynamic QR code with a password, find out how many people scanned your code, or track what type of devices scanned it.