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How to transfer music files to the microSD card in a Walkman

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    This article provides basic steps to transfer music files from a computer to the microSD card in the Walkman player. For details on how to perform any step refer to the Help Guide of your product. Manuals are provided on our support website


    Before you start

    How to transfer music files to a microSD card

    1. Insert a microSD card in the microSD card slot on the Walkman.
    2. In the Location for USB Transfer or USB storage settings menu, select SD Card.

      NOTE: This step is for NW-A10/A20/ZX2/ZX100 series only. Refer to your model's Help Guide for more details.

    3. Transfer music files to the microSD card.

      The procedure is similar to how you transfer files to the Walkman internal memory.

      • For Microsoft Windows computers: Use the Music Centre for PC app to transfer music files.
        • For details, refer to the article: Transferring content to an audio device such as the WALKMAN.
        • For NW-A30/A40/A50/A100/WM1/ZX300/ZX500 series: Select Memory card as the destination.
        • For NW-A100/ZX500 series:
          • The Walkman can't be recognised when the Music Centre for PC version is lower than 2.1.0. If it is, update the Music Centre for PC software to the latest version.
          • Make sure that you are using the USB Type-C cable (supplied with the Walkman) to connect the computer, and select File Transfer in the Use USB for menu on the Walkman.
      • For Mac computers: Use software compatible with your Mac computer and Walkman. Supported software varies depending on your Walkman. For details, refer to the Help Guide on our support website