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Memory card information for the ILCE-7SM3 camera

    The ILCE-7SM3 camera has advanced video recording features and formats that are unique to the ILCE camera lineup. Therefore, we advise that you read through all video format and memory card requirements in the help guide. If you currently own memory cards, compare the card specifications of the camera to determine if your cards can be used. Make sure to match the specifications to your video recording and editing needs when purchasing new cards.

    Refer to the SD Association website for logo, type, capacity, and speed class information for the SD™ card formats and review the following information to select and use the proper memory cards for the camera.

    How to choose the right memory card

    The camera will accept SD, SDHC™, SDXC™, and CFexpress® Type A cards for still images. For video recording, the video speed class and the video format you want to record determines if your card can be used with the camera or what you need to purchase.

    SD card requirements

    • SDHC/SDXC cards with a UHS speed rating of U3 or video speed rating of v30 work with the XAVC S HD format (up to 60 capture fps) only
    • SDXC cards rated v60 work with all formats except XAVC S HD (240 capture fps), XAVC S-I 4K and XAVC S-I HD
    • SDXC cards rated v90 work with all formats except XAVC S-I HD (240 capture fps) and XAVC S-I 4K (60 capture fps/24 & 30 record fps, 120 capture fps)
    • CFexpress Type A Video Performance Guarantee (VPG 200 or higher) cards, introduced with the ILCE-7SM3, work with all video formats.

    You can also refer to the Video specifications for SD and CFexpress card formats article for a complete listing of card specifications and compatibilities.


    • SDHC v30/v60/v90 cards will only record in the XAVC S HD format.
    • For a description of the video modes of the camera, refer to (Movie) Characteristics of each file format.
    • If you own an SDXC card that has high read/write speeds marked but doesn't have a v60/v90 logo (required), you will need to purchase the proper card as the camera doesn't recognize the read/write speeds and an error message will appear:

    ​​​​​​​error message