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I can't make or receive calls

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    Try these methods one after the other. Verify whether the problem was solved after each method before trying the next one.

    Check your surroundings

      1. Make sure you have a good network connection. There are occasions where the GSM signal strength of an operator is better in one area than another, and the same applies to 3G and LTE(4G).
        Maybe thick walls or structures nearby are blocking the signal. If the signal is low or there is no signal, move to an open location free from obstructions, or get close to a window.
      2. If you move from one large geographical area to another (or cross a country border, for example), it may take a few minutes until the phone connects to the new network.

      Check your device

      1. Restart your phone. If the device cannot be restarted normally, force the device to restart.
      2. Check the Phone application on your phone or tablet, and clear the applications cache or data.
      3. Check for new software updates: Support → Software → Software update. Note that some updates are not available for wireless download: check for new software using a computer and the Xperia Companion application for PC. 
      4. If possible, perform a factory data reset on your device. Note that all content on your device's internal memory gets deleted when you perform a factory data reset; external memory card data (SD card) is not deleted.
      5. If you could not perform a factory data reset, try a software repair using the Xperia Companion application for PC or Mac. Make sure you back up all data before performing a software repair.

      Check your SIM card

      • An old or defective SIM card may cause issues. Remove the SIM card and clean the dust or stain on your SIM card's gold-coloured contacts, then reinsert it into the phone.
      • If there is physical damage to the SIM card, ask your network operator for a replacement SIM card.
      • Insert another SIM card. If you can make and receive calls with another SIM card, your SIM card may be defective. Ask your network operator for a replacement SIM card.
      • Alternatively, insert your SIM card into another phone. If you can't make a call from another phone, your SIM card may be defective. Ask your network operator for a replacement SIM card.
      • If you can make a call with your SIM card on another phone (or if you can't make or receive calls with another SIM card on your phone or tablet), there may be a problem with your phone or tablet.

      Disabling fixed dialling

      Fixed dialling enables a user to restrict the phone numbers, which can be called from a phone. It can be used as a parental lock.  Only the numbers listed in the fixed dialling settings (together with emergency numbers) can be called from the phone. 
      Make sure the Call blocking/Call barring/Fixed dialling feature in your phone or tablet isn't enabled. If it is, it may be blocking all outgoing or incoming calls. When you set up call blocking for the first time, you need to enter a password to activate the call blocking function. You must use this same password later if you want to deactivate call blocking settings.

      To disable fixed dialling (Android 10 or 11 )

      1. Find and tap Phone.
      2. Tap the menu (three vertical dots), then tap Settings→ Calls → Calling accounts → select SIM →  Fixed dialling numbers.
      3. Tap Deactivate fixed dialling.
      4. Enter your PIN2 and tap, OK.

      Deactivating blocked numbers

      It is possible to block phone numbers. Number blocking enables the user to block incoming calls from specific phone numbers listed in the function.
      Make sure you haven't blocked any numbers you want to be able to receive calls from.

      To deactivate blocked numbers (Android 10 or 11)

      1. Tap Phone, then tap the menu (three vertical dots) → Settings.
      2. Tap Block numbers, then delete any registered numbers that you want to receive calls from.