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How to enjoy 3D surround with the Neckband Speaker or Sony brand headphones

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    By connecting the transmitter supplied to the Wireless Neckband Speaker (SRS-NS7), or the wireless transmitter (WLA-NS7), to a BRAVIA XR series and making certain settings, you can enjoy the realistic sound of 3D surround with the Neckband Speaker, or Sony headphones.

    In addition, you can use your ear-shape data with a compatible app to help you achieve more immersive and optimised 3D surround effects.

    You can check a list of compatible Sony brand headphones here.

    TV, transmitter and a Wireless Neckband Speaker (SRS-NS7) connection image


    • To enjoy this feature, please update the TV software to the latest version.

    1. How to connect the TV and transmitter

    Connect the transmitter to the TV. For details, refer to the instruction manual supplied with the Wireless Neckband Speaker (SRS-NS7), or the wireless transmitter (WLA-NS7). Manuals are also posted on the support website

    The optical digital output terminal and USB terminal are on the back or side of the TV. Check the Setup Guide that supplied with the TV for the location of each terminal.

    Image of connect 2 cables

    2. How to set up 3D surround on the TV

    Click the options below to expand them.

    Setting up standard 3D surround

    Increasing the immersion with 3D surround settings

    You can also wait with setting up the 3D surround settings. If you wait, make sure the TV and transmitter are connected before setting up the 3D surround:

    To set up the initial 3D surround settings

    To set up immersive 3D surround settings later / To make additional settings with another account:

    3. 3D surround volume and stop/restart

    Once the initial setup is complete, you can enjoy 3D surround using the Neckband Speaker or headphones.

    • If you use 3D surround, there will not be any sound output from the TV. The volume control button on the TV remote control will be disabled, so use the Neckband Speaker or Headphones to adjust the volume.

      Depending on your headphone model, you may have to adjust the volume using the Sony | Headphones Connect app. For details, please check the headphones instruction manual.
    • On the other hand, if you connect the Neckband Speaker or headphones directly to the TV via Bluetooth, you will not be able to enjoy 3D surround.

    How to disable 3D surround

    Turn off the Neckband Speaker or headphones, or turn off 3D surround from the Quick Settings button on the TV remote. The 3D surround will stop and the sound output will switch to the TV.

    How to enable 3D surround

    To use the Neckband Speaker or headphones again, press the Quick Settings button on the TV remote control and turn on 3D surround.