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Watch out for water damage: how to protect your headphones

    1. Make sure everything is clean and dry

    If your headphones, charging case or USB terminal are wet or dirty (e.g. dust) when charging, there is a likelihood that accidents (e.g. fire, electrical shock or burns due to fire), staining or a malfunction may occur. A quick routine check can help you avoid these risks:

    • Check that there is no water, moisture, or dirt present on or around:
      • the headphones
      • your charging case (if applicable)
      • the charging port (USB terminal)

    If you spot any water, moisture, or dirt,  remove it with a soft dry cloth and let it completely dry at room temperature before charging.

    WARNING! This applies to all types of headphones and earbuds, including waterproof and moisture-proof models.

    • Check the USB cable: ensure it is not damaged, deformed, wet, or dirty.

    Again, if you spot any moisture or dirt, clean or dry the USB cable before using it. In case the cable is damaged or deformed, use a different USB cable.

    2. What are typical situations in which your headphones can easily get wet?

    Even if it sounds obvious, it's important to be mindful of situations and places where water, moisture or humidity can occur. This caution applies to all types of headphones and earbuds, even if they're waterproof and moisture-proof models! Also, if you own a Truly Wireless earbud model, always keep the charging case lid closed.

    • Places with water sources such as bathrooms, kitchen sinks, bathtubs, showers or pools. 
      Avoid using your headphones in humid places, where water or moisture may easily adhere to your headphones.

    • Rain, sweat or perspiration
      Avoid using your headphones when it's raining, or carrying them in your pocket, even if an umbrella protects you. 
      Also, be mindful when exercising that sweat or moisture can quickly get on your headphones, especially when you're training hard. 

    • Condensation
      If you place headphones near a cold bottled drink or anything that can attract condensation, condensation can adhere to the headphones or the USB port.