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How to clean the leather Style Cover for Xperia PRO-I

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    The Style cover for Xperia Pro-I is made of genuine leather. Each cover has a unique appearance, character and colour. It's leather! And because it is leather, you should be careful when cleaning it: 

    How to clean the leather Xperia Pro-I cover: do's and don'ts 

    1. Gently wipe it with a dry, soft cloth such as a cleaning cloth you use for cleaning sunglasses and glasses.
    2. Do not use any type of solvents such as alcohol or thinner for cleaning. Although leather is a durable material, using alcohol and chemicals will cause colour fading, deformation, or degradation, damaging the leather cover.
    3. Avoid moisture: rain or sweat or a high humidity environment may cause discolouration or cause colours to rub off on your clothes.
    4. Avoid long exposures to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures (high or low). It will dry out the leather and damage it.