Music Center for PC

    Importing content from the WALKMAN® (Music Center for PC Ver.1.0)

    Importing songs from the Walkman

    You can import songs that are stored on the Walkman to “Music Center for PC”.

    Screenshot that shows the procedure for importing songs from the Walkman. For details on the procedure, refer to the body text.
    1. Connect the Walkman to a computer.
    2. Click [Transfer to Device] (A).
    3. Select a device (such as the Walkman) (B) from which you want to import songs.
    4. Click (C) [Music], [Podcasts] or [Language Learning].


      • The icon (C) [Language Learning] will not appear for some models of the Walkman. If you want to import Language Learning content, select the content from the list under [Music].
    5. Select the songs (D) that you want to import.
    6. Click [Import to Library.] (E).