Music Center for PC

    Adjusting the sound quality manually

    While playing back a song whose sound quality you want to adjust, click (Equalizer) (A), and then set the equalizer function to [On].
    Drag each slider to adjust the sound quality. The sliders are arranged by frequency from left to right (from bass to treble).

    Enter a preset name (B) and select [Save] to save the adjusted sound quality as a preset equalizer setting.
    The saved preset equalizer setting will appear in the preset list.

    To revert the setting to the unadjusted sound quality

    Set the [Equalizer] switch to [Off].


    • To delete a saved preset equalizer setting, click the trash box icon (C) while the desired preset equalizer setting is selected.
      You cannot delete the original preset equalizer settings.
    • Even if you close the equalizer screen without saving the adjusted sound quality as a preset equalizer setting, songs will be played in the adjusted sound quality.