Music Center for PC

    Acquire song information / 12 TONE ANALYSIS

    You can acquire song information (meta information such as names of albums, artists, and songs) automatically via the internet using the CDDB (Gracenote CD DataBase), a data service for song information. The acquired music information is displayed on audio devices such as the WALKMAN® after songs have been transferred.


    • To perform 12 TONE ANALYSIS, click [menu] for a song or an album from the content list, and select [Acquire unknown Properties].


    • To use the CDDB service, your computer must be connected to the Internet.
    • When you transfer songs in the WAV format to the Walkman, 12 TONE ANALYSIS song information is not copied.

    Acquiring song information when you import songs from an audio CD

    You can acquire meta information such as names of albums, artists, and songs of an audio CD automatically when you import songs from the audio CD.

    When you cannot acquire song information

    • Information may be blocked by anti-virus software. Deactivate the settings of the software if required.
    • You cannot obtain music information for CDs that are not registered to the CDDB. In this case, change the items (such as the title) manually.
    • If retrieval of music information does not start automatically, click [menu] and then click [Acquire CD information].
      Click [Acquire CD information].

    Acquiring information on songs imported to “Music Center for PC”

    You can search for song or album names to acquire information of the songs or albums selected in a list.

    1. Select a category under [My Library] in the sidebar.
    2. Select the song or album for which you want to acquire song information from the song list.
    3. Click [menu] in the right pane of the window and then click [Search for Albums].

      “Music Center for PC” will start searching for song information automatically. When song information is found, the information (such as the album title, artist name, or song title) will appear. Select the desired information from the suggestions and click [OK]. The song information will appear in the list.

    Acquiring and analyzing song information automatically

    You can search for songs that do not have set song information. Then, you can automatically acquire song information and perform 12 TONE ANALYSIS.

    1. Click (menu) in the top left of the screen, and then select [Settings] from the [Tools] menu.
    2. When the [Settings] is displayed, select [Acquire song information] in the left pane of the [Settings].

      Select the information that you want to acquire automatically, and add a check mark to the check box. Click [OK].
      Song information will be acquired. Then, 12 TONE ANALYSIS will be performed automatically.
      If the song information is found, the applicable song information will be acquired automatically.

      Select [Acquire song information].