Music Center for PC

    Switching the file transfer mode

    Switch the mode for file transfers between the computer and the WALKMAN® from MTP to MSC.

    1. Connect the Walkman to the computer.
    2. Check the file transfer mode.

      Open Windows Explorer, and then select [Computer] - [WALKMAN].

      • If the file transfer mode is set to MTP:
        The [Storage Media] folder will appear as follows. Proceed to Step 3 to switch the mode to MSC.
      • If the file transfer mode is set to MSC:
        A list of the folders on the Walkman will appear as follows. In this case, you do not need to perform the subsequent procedure. Use “Music Center for PC” as is.
    3. Switch the file transfer mode to MSC.
      1. Open [Device Manager].
      2. Perform [Update Driver Software].

        Right-click on [Portable Device] - [WALKMAN] on the [Device Manager] screen, and then select [Update Driver Software].

        Select [Browse my computer for driver software] on the displayed screen, and then select [Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer].

        Select [USB Mass Storage Device], and then select [Next].

        The file transfer mode will switch to MSC.