Article ID : S700023486 / Last Modified : 12/07/2018

How to find local keyboard language

    How to find local keyboard language

    Not all keyboard languages are supported on this Tablet model.

    Available on screen keyboards: English (US), English (GB), Spanish, Portuguese (BR), Portuguese (PT), French, German, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Greek, Japanese, Japanese (handwriting), simplified Chinese (Pinyin), traditional Chinese (Handwriting), traditional Chinese (Chanjie), traditional Chinese (Zhuyin), Thai, Korean, Arabic.

    If you are seeking special characters please keep the key pressed down on the tablet's virtual keyboard and special characters linked to that letter will appear.

    For example, long pressing on the E key will give you special characters linked to this key.

    Alternatively you could find virtual keyboards in the Google Play Store, however please note that not all of these keyboards might pass the security checks to assure safe usage.