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Windows 8 - Troubleshooting Windows startup problems

    Windows 8 - Troubleshooting Windows startup problems

    Though Windows 8 is built as a stable operating system, at a certain moment you may be faced with the problem that you cannot access the operating system.
    Windows 8 has some great tools built in which may assist you in regaining access.

    First off, in order to access the boot repair options menu, first make sure the VAIO is switched off completely (if necessary press the power button for 5 seconds), and press the Assist button to start.
    This will bring you to the VAIO Care Rescue Mode menu.

    In the VAIO Care Rescue Mode menu, we recommend to select Recover or maintain your system.  Next you need to select your language.  Then select Troubleshoot.

    From the Troubleshoot screen, there are various options to choose from.  The most appropriate option will depend on the state of your system, the amount of applications you have installed, and on whether you have already backed up your data.  Below an overview of all options and their effect:

    Refresh your PC

    This option will keep your files and personalisation, and also your apps from Windows Store.  PC settings will be change back to default, and applications installed from other sources will be removed (a list of removed applications will be saved to your desktop as reference).
    We recommend to try this option first, as it is the least agressive way to try to access your system again.

    Reset your PC

    All your personal files and apps will be removed, and your PC settings will be changed back to their defaults.

    Recovery and maintenance

    This option is supplied by VAIO, and allows you to restore the computer to its original state based on the data on the recovery partition.  Before starting the recovery wizard, you will be offered the possibility to create a backup of your files to external media.
    • Start Recovery Wizard.  The default option to restore the system to its original state.
      Note: this option will not be available in case you have removed the recovery contents.
    • Tools
      • Advanced recovery wizard
        Recovery wizard with some additional options
      • VAIO Hardware diagnostics
        If you suspect a hardware issue, this option contains some diagnostic tests
      • Rescue Data
        Save your data to external storage
      • Wipe and erase data
        Use this option to clear the hard disk data without the possibility to recover
      • Remove recovery partition
        This will free up some hard disk space.  However, if you do not have external recovery media, or your external recovery media is damaged, you will not have the possibility to restore your system to its original state anymore.
    • Support and contact information.  In case you encounter problems for which you need further assistance.
    • Exit.  This option brings you back to the start screen of VAIO Care Rescue Mode.

    Advanced options

    This option brings you to some advanced, but possibly very useful options:
    • System Restore
      Use a restore point recorded by Windows to bring your system state back to an earlier date.  This option will not impact documents you have edited and saved.
    • System image recovery
      If you have a system image file created on a recent date, you can use this option to restore it.
    • Automatic Repair
      Windows may be able to fix problems that prevent it from loading in its current state
    • Command prompt
      Command prompt troubleshooting should only be used by advanced users
    • UEFI Firmware Settings
      We recommend to keep UEFI settings in their default state