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How is VAIO battery life measured?

    VAIO specifications list battery life in minutes. This article explains how these figures are determined.

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    VAIO battery life is measured with BAPCo MobileMark software. The MobileMark benchmark package is the industry standard for battery benchmarking.

    MobileMark comes bundled with a wide range of commercial software packages such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite, usable only for test purposes. MobileMark simulates a live person using these applications during a benchmark run in a way that is reliably identical each time for comparison purposes. MobileMark benchmarking uses all core system components heavily, e.g. processor, memory, graphics and hard drive. It does not make use of network connectivity or other drives besides the hard drive.

    Before each test, a number of power scheme settings need to be changed to avoid that the computer enters hibernation or takes any other action on low battery that may interfere with the test.

    MobileMark produces a report that includes all details of the test environment, such as hardware information and settings, as well as the scores for performance and battery autonomy. The autonomy figure is rounded down for quotations in specifications.