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How to troubleshoot issues with the webcam

    This article provides some general troubleshooting tips for webcam problems.

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    Note:  this article will be updated with new information when available.  If you want to provide feedback/suggestions about issues which are not covered by this article, please let us know below information.  Please understand that we cannot reply to individual feedback, but we will use all received information for investigation.
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    Camera does not work in a specific application

    The problem may be related to a specific application, or a new version of it.  
    A simple way to check if it is application-related, is to test with the preinstalled webcam application (depending on the model:  VAIO Camera Capture Utility or ArcSoft Webcam Companion).
    If you do not have one of those installed, Windows Live Messenger (free to download and install) can also be used for testing.

    If the problem is indeed related to a specific application, we recommend to first check with the application vendor for any known issues.

    Camera driver cannot be found

    The camera driver is not available in the 'Preinstalled Drivers' section for recent VAIO models, because the bundled Windows driver is used.  Typically Windows should be able to locate the driver on its own.

    If installed correctly, you can find it in Device Manager, in the section Imaging Devices.

    As a mean of Troubleshooting please try to reinstall the driver in Device Manager.

    We strive to make as many drivers available, but for certain Operating System upgrade situations we do not have a driver available.   For some models, the preinstalled driver from the originally installed Operating System may still be used.

    Camera is not detected at all

    If the camera is installed correctly, you can find it in Device Manager, in the section Imaging Devices.

    If the Camera was still functioning correctly recently, but stopped being detected in Device Manager, the easiest solution may be to perform a System Restore to a day before the problem started.

    If the System Restore did not solve it, the issue may very well be hardware related.  In this case, before contacting our services for support, the next inevitable step will be, to perform a Full System Recovery.
    The procedure to perform a Full System Recovery differs depending on the model.  Please refer to the Troubleshooting and Recovery Guide for further guidance with this step.