Article ID : S700023703 / Last Modified : 12/07/2018

Inserting a SIM card into your Z Series

    To use the wireless WAN function, you first need to insert a SIM card into the SIM card slot on your computer. Your SIM card may be provided within a base plate, about the size of a credit card.
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    5 minutes activity

    Please note: Inserting a SIM card is only possible on models with WWAN/UMTS module.
    Depending on your country and model, you might receive an offer from the VAIO selected telecom operator. In that case the SIM card is either in the operator SIM pack inside the carton box or already inserted in the SIM card slot. If the SIM card is not provided with your computer, you can purchase one from your preferred telecom operator.

    1. Save any unsaved data.
    2. Turn off your computer.
    3. Insert a thin, straight object (such as a paper clip) into the hole (1) in the SIM card holder (2) so that the holder pops out.

    4. Gently take hold of the SIM card holder and pull it out of the slot.
    5. Remove the SIM card (3) by pushing it out from the base plate.
      Please note: Do not touch the printed circuit on the SIM card. Take care not to damage the SIM card in any way, do not bend the card or apply pressure to it.

    6. Put the SIM card on the SIM card holder with its printed circuit side up.

    7. Insert the SIM card holder into the SIM card slot.
      Please note: Be sure to hold your computer firmly before inserting the SIM card holder.