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My tablet freezes or does not behave as expected

    My tablet does not turn on or does not behave as expected

    If your Sony Tablet does not turn, freezes or behaves strangely, please select the options that best matches the problem.

    If the options above do not apply or do not resolve the problem, please consider:

    My tablet does not turn on

    1. Remove any connected devices, such USB cables or headphones.
    2. Ensure the tablet is connected to it's power supply.
      Verify that the charging indicator light on the tablet (between Power and Volume up buttons)  is ON. If the charging indicator light is not on, then your tablet is not receiving power. 
      1. Verify if the connector is securely plugged into the tablet. To do so, disconnect it, check for foreign particles and reconnect it again. 
      2. Make sure you Tablet is plugged directly to the charger; do not use the docking station accessory for this test.
      3. Verify the green power indicator light on the AC adapter. If the power light is not on while the AC adapter is connected, connect another device to the same power socket and test if power is available.
    3. Press the power button.
      S Series power button
    4. If the tablet still doesn't start, keep the reset button pressed for 3-4 seconds (the LED should blink 2-3 times). Do it with a bent-open paper clip
      Note: Don't use a needle, pin or pen to avoid damage to the reset button.
      S Series reset button
    5. Press the power button again
    6. If the issue is not resolved, a repair may be necessary. Please contact us .

    My tablet freezes

    1. Press and hold the power button to turn the tablet off.
      Note: any unsaved data will be lost.
      S Series power button
    2. In the confirmation dialog, tap Ok. The tablet will automatically turn off in a few seconds.
      Press the power button again to restart your tablet.
    3. If your tablet freezes again, take note of which app you were using at the time.
    4. Check if there are any updates available for the app on the Android Market.
      1. Tap Apps, then tap Market
      2. Tap My Apps in the top right corner.
      3. All apps linked to your Google account are listed, with available updates highlighted on the top left. Install relevant updates and try again.
    5. Confirm that the app is explicitly marked as compatible with your Sony Tablet, or at least compatible with tablet devices running Android 3.1 or higher. The Android Market serves many different types of devices, and not all apps are compatible with all devices.
    6. Consider performing a Factory Reset to restore the original working image to the tablet.

    My tablet cannot be turned off

    1. Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds to force a shut down.
      Note: any unsaved data will be lost
    2. If this doesn't resolve the issue, proceed as follows:
    3. Press the reset button carefully with a bent-open paper clip
      Note: Don't use a needle, pin or pen to avoid damage to the reset button.
      S Series reset button
    4. When the tablet has restarted, hold the power button until the pop-up appears and then choose Ok to shut down.

    When and how to perform a factory reset

    If your Sony Tablet shows unexpected behaviour which is either not addressed or resolved by the solutions above, please perform a factory reset.
    1. Turn the tablet on. When the home screen is displayed, tap ST apps button Apps
    2. Tap Settings button Settings and then Privacy.
    3. Enable the restore options you require, e.g. Back up my data and Automatic restore.
    4. Tap Factory data reset.
      S Series Settings Privacy Factory data reset
    5. Ensure that you have details such as your Google account, your wireless network and similar settings recorded elsewhere before you proceed. You can opt to also erase data such as music and photos, but this is not necessary for system problems.
      Tap Reset tablet to continue.
    6. Tap Erase everything to confirm that you are aware data will be deleted.
    7. After a few seconds, the tablet will shutdown.
    8. Follow the start up wizard.
    9. Visit the Android Market to reinstall the apps you still want to use.