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I can't unlock the screen of my Xperia Smartphone (forgot pin, password or pattern)

    If you forget your screen lock PIN, password or pattern, you can reset your Xperia device using either the Find My Device app from Google or the Xperia Companion computer application. Read about the requirements and results of each option below, and choose the method that suits you best.

    Attention! Before performing any of the actions described in this article, make sure you know your Google account username and password. Depending on your security settings, your Xperia device may lock after a reset or repair. You then need to enter your Google account username and password in order to use the device. If you don't remember your Google account username and password, you cannot unlock the device yourself.

    Tip: You can recover your Google account username and password using the Google Account Recovery page.

    Using Find My Device to reset your Xperia device

    • Requirements: This reset method requires that your device is turned on, has internet access and that Find My Device is turned on in your device. A Google account has to be registered on your device and you need to know the account username and password. You also need access to a computer or a mobile device with an internet connection.
    • Results: All user data on the internal memory of your device will be deleted, including downloaded apps, photos, and device settings. Unless you remove the SD card before you reset your device, user data on the card will in most cases be deleted.
    To reset the Xperia device using Find My Device
    1. Turn off your Xperia device and remove the SD card to avoid deleting user data from the card.
    2. Turn on the device and make sure that you have an active Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.
    3. On a computer or in a mobile browser, go to the sign-in page for Find My Device.
    4. Sign in to the Google account that is registered on your device.
    5. Erase all content from the device by following the on-screen instructions. Remember that this action will delete all user data on the internal memory of your device.
    6. After you remotely erase the content, you can set up your device again with your Google account and a new screen lock.


    Using the Software repair feature to reset your Xperia device

    You can reset your screen lock by using a USB cable, a computer and the Software repair feature in the Xperia Companion application. Your device has to be turned off.
    To watch a video showing how to perform a software repair, tap or click here. The Software repair feature replaces the software in your device.

    • Requirements: This method requires that you have access to a computer with an active internet connection. You need a USB cable to connect your device to the computer, and your device must have a minimum charge level of 80%. Your PC/Mac must have 4GB of free space available. 

    • Results: All user data on the internal memory of your device will be deleted, including downloaded apps, photos, and device settings. Content on the SD card will not be deleted.

    To perform a software repair
    1. Computer: If not already installed, download and install the Xperia Companion application.
    2. Open the Xperia Companion application.
    3. Xperia device: Make sure your Xperia device is turned off.
    4. Connect your Xperia device to the computer using a USB cable.
    5. Computer: Open the Xperia Companion software on the computer and click Software repair on the main screen.
    6. Mark the My device cannot be detected checkbox, then click Next.
    7. Follow the on-screen instructions.

    Tip: If you can’t turn off your Xperia device, before performing a software repair, force it to shut down. To shut down, press and hold down the power key and the volume up key simultaneously until the device emits three vibrations.