Article ID : 00230191 / Last Modified : 16/07/2019

How to update GPS Assist Data without using PlayMemories Home

    1. Make sure that a memory card is inserted into the camera, and connect the camera to a web-connected computer via a USB cable with the camera set to the Mass Storage mode. 
    2. Download the latest GPS assist data from
      NOTE: The file is downloaded to the Downloads folder on the computer.
    3. Once assistme.dat is downloaded, copy it to the \Private\SONY\GPS folder on the memory card.
      NOTE: If there is no \Private\SONY\GPS folder, create one and copy to it.
    4. When you disconnect the USB cable, GPS Assist Data will be updated on the camera automatically.
    5. If the camera has a Use GPS Assist Data menu item, you can use it to confirm that GPS Assist Data has been updated.