Applicable Models

This information is for the following models:
  • CMT-X7CD

About this download

  • Name:Firmware update MC2.08 for CMT-X7CD / CMT-X7CDB
  • Date released:31-08-2017
  • Do I need to update it?This update utility is not necessary if your personal audio system has already been updated to firmware version MC2.08.
    If you're not sure, it's easy tocheck which version of firmwareyou have:
    1. Pressof the unit to turn on the system and wait a few minutes until antenna icon is shown on the display
    2. Press and hold >>| andof the unit until "MC X.XX" is displayed on the display. The number on the right of MC is a version
    3. Press >>| of the unit and "CD XXXX" is displayed on the display. The number on the right of CD is a version
    4. Press >>| of the unit and "NW X.XX" is displayed on the display. The number on the right of NW is a version
    5. Press >>| of the unit and it returns to the state before a version display
  • Benefits and improvements from the latest update

    • Important: This firmware update must be performed in order to keep using the Spotify music distribution system
  • Previous Benefits and Improvements

    • Improves the playback of special content delivered by Music Unlimited


Software Update is done via internet (network). Please check the following steps.
Note: You cannot update to the latest software, if the set is NOT connected to the internet (network). When a new software version is detected, this system is updated when it is connected to the internet, and "UPDATE" appears in the display window.In this case, follow the procedures below to update to the latest version

  1. Press MENU
  2. Press to select "NETWORK," then press
  3. Press to select "UPDATE," then press
  4. Press to select "OK," then press

The Updating begins.
After completing the update, "COMPLETE" is displayed.Press to turn off the unit, and then press it again to turn on. Check the firmware version of the Personal Audio System.When "MC2.08" is displayed, the update of the firmware was successful.

  • Usually it may take about 3 to 10 minutes for the system to finish the update. More time may be needed, depending on the network environment
  • Do not operate the unit or the remote during updating. Moreover, do not turn off the system or disconnect the power cord during updating