Applicable Models

This information is for the following model(s):

  • PHA-1A
  • PHA-1AEU

About this download

  • Name: Driver_v8.1.14.exe
  • Date released: 10-11-2015
  • Do I need to download it? This driver is necessary when you need to connect your headphone amplifier to a Windows PC.
  • Requirements:
    • Windows 11® Home / Windows 11® Pro
    • Windows 10® Home / Windows 10® Pro
    • Windows 8® (Pro) / Windows 8.1® (Pro)
    • Windows 7® (32/64 bit): Starter (with Service Pack1 or later) / Home Basic (with Service Pack1 or later) / Home Premium (with Service Pack1 or later) / Professional (with Service Pack1 or later) / Ultimate (with Service Pack1 or later)
    • Windows Vista® 32 bit: Home Basic (with Service Pack2 or later) / Home Premium (with Service Pack2 or later ) / Business (with Service Pack2 or later) / Ultimate (with Service Pack2 or later)
    • 100 MB or more of available space

Operation cannot be guaranteed if the PC has been upgraded.


  • Don’t connect the “PHA-1A” before installing the driver
  • Check that you are logged in as administrator
  • Close all other programs after saving all your work first

Download the file

  1. Read the Software Download License Agreement and, if you agree, click Accept Agreement
  2. The downloading of the driver begins. When the "File Save" dialog box appears, please selevct the folder in which you want to download it
  3. The following file will be downloaded into the selected folder

Install the driver

  1. Double click “Driver_v8.1.14.exe
  2. Follow the installation and progress instructions that will display
  3. Now you can connect your Sony's headphone amplifier