About this download

For owners of SEP-30BT, we offer Rolly Remote 1.0 Download Service.

Please read carefully the following notes.

Downloading and installing Rolly Remote 1.0 on the computer, and upgrading the firmware of the Rolly unit, will enable you to remote control Rolly from your computer.

Establishing a BLUETOOTH connection in the BLUETOOTH control mode between the computer* and Rolly will enable you to use the following functions by remote controlling Rolly with your computer*:

  • You will be able to open the Rolly Track list and see the music track title currently playing.
  • You will be able to play back music after choosing a music track in Rolly and let the Rolly unit move freely (forth, back, and rotate, etc.) in conjunction with the music.
  • You will be able to enjoy music or motions connecting up to 7 Rolly units at the same time**.

* Please download and install Rolly Remote on your computer first. The BLUETOOTH-equipped computer must support a SSP profile to establish a BLUETOOTH connection in the BLUETOOTH control mode. The BLUETOOTH connection is not necessarily supported on all computers with the same profiles as those of this unit.

** Depending on the computer, Rolly Remote cannot connect up to seven Rolly units at the same time .

Click here to go to SEP-30BT Firmware Upgrade Program Download Service.

Target Products

Sound Entertainment Player Rolly SEP-30BT

Target PC environments

  • Windows Vista® Ultimate (including Service Pack 1)
  • Windows Vista® Business (including Service Pack 1)
  • Windows Vista® Home Premium (including Service Pack 1)
  • Windows Vista® Home Basic (including Service Pack 1)
  • Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 (Service Pack 2 or later)
  • Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004 (Service Pack 2 or later)
  • Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 2 or later)
  • Windows XP Home Edition (Service Pack 2 or later)

Supported operating systems are limited to the English version. The 64 bit version of the operating system is not supported. Operating systems other than the indicated above are not supported.

Hardware requirements

For Windows Vista, 800MHz Pentium III or higher. For Windows XP, 450MHz Pentium III or higher.


For Windows Vista, 512MB or more (1GB or more is recommended). For Windows XP, 265MB or more (512MB or more is recommended)


1024×768 dots or more and high color (16bit) or more (Setting 256 colors or less may result in incorrect performance.).


To install this software in Windows XP/ Windows Vista, please log on using a user name with "Computer Administrators" or "Administrators" privileges.

Please follow the steps below to download Rolly Remote 1.0 installer file:

  1. Connect the computer to the internet.

  2. Set up the folder for storing the downloaded file on your hard disk. Assume the folder created here is named rr10_dl and it is made in C drive.

  3. Download the following file into the folder created at Step 2: RollyRemoteInstaller_EU.exe (17,511KB).

  4. The standard download time is about 3 minutes through 1Mbps communication, about 45 minutes through 56kbps communication. Depending on internet environment, it may take considerable time and your understanding is appreciated. (After reading these instructions and clicking the "Download" button on the bottom of this page, the downloading of above file will start. Follow the instructions displayed in the on-screen dialog box.)

  5. After the download is completed, select Views-Details in the Explorer to check the file size. If the file size is the same as shown above, the download has been completed successfully. If the size is not the same as shown above, delete the file and try to download it again.

Do not leave your computer on standby/hibernation mode while downloading the file.

Install procedure

If the RollyRemoteInstaller_EU.exe download is completed, please follow the steps below and install the software on Windows.

  1. Close all the applications that are currently running and disconnect the peripherals (Rolly,etc.) from your computer.
  2. Click Start on the task tray and click Run. The RUN dialog box will appear.
    In case of Windows Vista, click Start - All Programs - Accessories - Run to open the Run dialog box.
  3. Input C:\rr10_dl\RollyRemoteInstaller_EU.exe and click OK to start the installation.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts.
  5. When the message appears that the installation is completed, click the Finish button and restart the PC.
  6. Start Rolly Remote 1.0. If Rolly Remote Version is shown in the Version Information of Rolly Remote dialog box followed by Help, the program has been installed successfully.

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