About this download

  • Date released: 13/02/2012
  • Applicable models & File Name:
    • STR-DA6400ES: A64E_1069.zip
  • Benefits and improvements: Support change of contents distribution method of SHOUTcast Internet radio.

    Note: It may not possible to listen to the contents if the delivery service close or the contents transmission system is changed.


What you need

  • Windows PC with access to the internet
  • LAN cable to connect your receiver to the internet
  • Supplied CD-ROM
    • ES Utility 1.0 or 2.0
    If you do not have the ES Utility CD, you can download the application to your computer. Please refer to the ES Utility installation procedures below for additional details.

  • Operating System
    • For ES Utility 1.0 or 2.0: Windows Vista Home Basic/ Home Premium/ Business/Ultimate (SP1、32 bit/64 bit)Windows XP Home Edition/ Professional/ Media Center Edition 2005 (SP3、32 bit)
  • Minimum Computer requirements:
    • CPU: Celeron
    • Clock Speed: 1 GHz or higher
    • Memory (RAM) (Windows XP): 512 MB or more
    • HDD: 20 MB or more free disk space.
      280 MB free disk space is required when .NET Framework 2.0 is not installed.
    • Display: 1024 × 768, High Color (65536 colors) or higher resolution
    • Network: 100Base-TX or higher

How to make sure the update goes smoothly

Updating is usually very simple. Here’s how you can make sure it goes right first time:

  • Read the instructions carefully.
  • Don’t turn the Receiver off – or disconnect it from the power – while it’s updating.
  • Don’t press any buttons, except the ones mentioned in the instructions.
  • Turn master volume to -∞ before operation.
  • Connect to the network using a wired connection for assured update

ES Utility Installation

The ES Utility software is required to perform the firmware update. Follow the steps below to install the ES Utility software on your computer:

Note: It is not necessary to install the ES Utility if you have previously install this utility.

  1. Power on your computer and login as administrator or with an account with administrator rights.
  2. Insert the the supplied ES Utility CD into your CD-ROM drive.
  3. The installation launcher automatically starts and displays the Software Setup screen.
    • If the installation launcher does not start, navigate to the CD-ROM files and double-click the "SetupLauncher.exe" file.
    • If you do not have the ES Utility CD, download here the ES Utility application to your computer, open the downloaded folder, and then double-click the "SetupLauncher.exe" file.
  4. Install the ES Utility application software following the instructions given in the message on the screen.
  5. At the "Welcome to the Software Setup" screen, read the agreement, then, if you agree, click "I accept the terms of the license agreement", and then click "Next".
  6. At the "Software Setup" screen, under "Software" click the ES Utility icon.

  7. At the "Software Setup screen", under ES Utility click Install.
  8. At the "Welcome to the ES Installer" screen, click Next.
  9. At the "Setup Type" screen, select Custom, and then click Next.
  10. At the "Choose a Destination Folder" screen, click Next.
  11. At the "Add a desktop shortcut" screen, select Add a shortcut to the desktop, and then click Next.
  12. At the "Install the program" screen, click Install.
  13. At the "ES Utility was successfully installed" screen, clickFinish.

    The software is installed and the ES Utility icon is placed on your desktop.

Download and Install the update

  1. Download the firmware file to your Desktop.
    • Read and accept the terms and conditions below and click download file
    • When prompted, save the file to your Desktop.
  2. Connect the receiver to network using a LAN cable.
  3. Ensure the receiver is connected to the TV.
  4. Power on the receiver and wait 30-50 seconds for the U-com communication.
  5. On the receiver remote commander press GUI MODE to show GUI MODE ON in the display window.
  6. Ensure the TV is powered on. The menu is displayed on the TV screen.
    Note: If your receiver has already been configured to connect with your home network, please skip to step 11
  7. On the remote commander, use the up/down arrow buttons to select Settings - Network- Network Setup.

  8. At the Network Setup menu, select Internet Setup.

  9. At the Internet Setup screen, select Connect Automatically (DHCP).
    The message "Connecting... Please wait." may appear.

  10. When the receiver has successfully connected to the network, select Finish and press the Enter button.
  11. By using the Up/Down arrow buttons and enter select Settings -System - System Update on the menu window.
  12. Select PC update, select Start and press enter.
  13. The PC update window appear.
  14. On the computer double-click ES Utility.
  15. Double-click the Receiver connecting the network.
  16. At the "ES Utility" screen, move the scroll bar on the left to select System.
  17. At the "System Settings" screen, to the right of "File Path", click Browse to locate the file you downloaded.
  18. Click Start Update.
  19. At the "Start Update" screen, click Yes to start the update process. This update takes 15-30 minutes to complete.
    Note: The MULTI CHANNEL DECODING lamp on the front panel flashes while updating. After the updating complete, the flashing will disappear.
  20. After the update completes, click Exit.
  21. Power off the receiver and disconnect from the computer.

The firmware software update is complete.

Questions & Answers

Need more information?

See our FAQ's about updating firmware

How can I check the software version in the receiver?

  1. On the remote commander, press the GUI MODE button to display GUI MODE OFF in the display window of the receiver.
  2. On the remote commander, press the MENU button, then press the up/down arrow buttons to select System Settings, and then press the enter button.
  3. Use the up/down arrow buttons to select VERSION x.xxx. This will display the current version information for the receiver.


In case update has not been completed successfully please do the following:

  • Verify you have downloaded the corrected file for your receiver.
  • Please verify your firewall settings:
    • When using firewall of Windows: Add ES Utility in the exception settings of the firewall. (please refer to your computer instructions manual or Windows website for more information).
    • When using using generic firewall: Disable the firewall or register the ES Utility as permitted programs.Please refer to the operating instructions or Help option form more information.

File Info

File Name

  • A64E_1069.zip