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How to take care of your Wireless Glass Speaker

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Cleaning your speaker

When handling and cleaning your wireless glass speaker:

  • Carefully brush away dust with a soft brush or feather duster, and use the supplied cleaning cloth to clean the glass tube.
  • Use the supplied cleaning cloth to clean off fingerprints or oil marks from the glass tube.
  • If the glass tube is exceptionally dirty, clean it with a soft cloth dampened with lukewarm soapy water.
  • Don't disassemble your speaker. The glass tube is designed so that dust won't stick to its interior.
  • Don't use benzene, alcohol, thinner, detergent, etc. These chemicals will damage the surface finish of the speaker.


  • Don't grip the organic glass tube.
  • Avoid hitting or bumping the glass tube against other objects.
  • Don't splash water on any part of your speaker.
  • Do not use a scrubbing brush, sponge, use the supplied cloth.