VAIO Inspiration Stream™

Shaping ideas fluidly

VAIO Inspiration Stream™ brings your creativity to life through a powerful suite of applications and features that let you seamlessly capture, edit and share with endless possibilities.

Get your work flowing

Paperless made effortless.

VAIO Inspiration Stream™ helps business professionals, students, and creative thinkers work smoother, better, and faster. Snap a photo of your latest idea, annotate it, alter it, and share it with everyone. All without touching a single piece of paper.

Tools for the contemporary professional

Whatever the needs of your workplace, VAIO Inspiration Stream™ is essential—enhancing your productivity and leaving more time for creativity.

Witness enhanced workflow in action

From scanning and modifying paper documents to clipping graphics for presentations, VAIO Inspiration Stream™ makes all your daily tasks easier.

Create, edit and share your ideas

VAIO Inspiration Suite is a collection of three core applications: VAIO Paper, VAIO Clip and Camscanner. The seamless, intuitive experience lets you realise the world of VAIO Inspiration Stream™.

VAIO® Paper
VAIO® Paper

VAIO Paper gives you effortless options for note taking, converting handwriting to text, recording voice memos and sharing with other devices.

VAIO® Clip

Create compelling presentations with VAIO Clip: use the digitiser stylus to quickly select, copy and clip images, then drop them into new docs.

VAIO® Scan

Make whiteboard sessions more useful with VAIO® Scan, which allows you to quickly edit and share your scanned notes and docs.

Adobe power, mobile convenience

Enjoy the portability of a laptop or tablet to take creativity anywhere.

The digitiser stylus works with the built-in pressure sensitivity of Adobe Illustrator® CC and Adobe Photoshop® CC. You change a line’s width by applying more or less pressure—letting you create more nuanced work. Or, simply write with your finger!
Even better, with Adobe Photoshop® Elements pre-installed, you can immediately begin organising, editing and creating great photos to print and share.

Enhanced with Adobe Photoshop® Elements

Edit and improve your photos with easy-to-use software and the digitiser stylus.

Media Object

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Enhanced with Adobe Photoshop® CC

Discover advanced photo retouching possibilities and apply Photoshop® capabilities more intuitively.

Media Object

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Enhanced with Adobe Illustrator® CC

Bring the pen tool to its full potential by drawing vectors more naturally than ever before.

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Capturing the creativity

As easy as putting pen to paper—and better.

Sketch out your ideas or quickly jot notes with this sophisticated stylus delivering unparalleled precision and sensitivity. Or simply snap a photo with the 8 MP rear camera and view it on the brilliant TRILUMINOS™ Display for mobile.