The watch. Reborn.

Time for a smarter watch. Bringing true freedom to your favourite timepiece through a beautifully innovative band.

Natural evolution of a timeless concept

The name wena stands for "wear electronics naturally" and expresses how everyday products can evolve with innovation. Choose a wena wrist pro or wena wrist active smart band, combine it with your precious watch or a new watch face, then discover a whole range of smart functions without compromising tradition.

From watch to smartwatch: the designer's story

Having a watch and a smart watch can be inconvenient as you are constantly changing from one to the other. So we asked ourselves, why not combine a watch and smart watch in one? From this idea came the wena concept, the blueprint for a lifestyle product that cherishes tradition while naturally embracing smart technology.

Being smart is all about the band

All of the latest smart features are incorporated into the band, giving you the freedom to stay in touch with your life from your wrist. Designed with innovative materials and components, the wena band pairs the beauty of tradition with the convenience of technology.

Total convenience, absolute freedom

How do you incorporate smart functions in the band without making it too bulky and unwearable? Designers overcame this challenge by using specially designed components and materials. From the structure of the band and buckle to the design of the inner curve, sleekness was preserved. The result: a smartwatch defined by convenience and freedom. 

wena wrist pro

Traditional timepiece made smart

Crafted in stainless steel, the wena wrist pro defines technology without compromise, a smartwatch with all the elegance of a traditional timepiece. Specially distributed components and cleverly mounted boards make the band super slim, even with an EL display included.

wena wrist active

A smarter way to a healthier life

Designed in silicone rubber with GPS and optical heart beat sensor, wena wrist active lets you manage all your active pursuits. Use it as a sporty smart watch or remove the headpiece to convert it into a smart band while jogging or sleeping. 

Pay with your wrist
Pay with your wrist

With NFC payment supported by NXP, you can pay for just about anything using the electronic money feature.  

Check calls and messages
Check calls and messages

Check phone calls, e-mails, texts and other app messages, as well as battery levels on the OLED display.

Monitor your health
Monitor your health

Keep tabs on a variety of activity logs including steps, speed and distance, heart rate and calories burned.

See how simple and secure paying can be
Download Icon

Simply download the app, set up wena pay in the settings menu, store your bank card and away you go. wena pay is supported by Curve in the UK, KBC in Ireland and Boon in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

Tap and pay Icon

Make payments quickly and easily by simple tap and pay - no need to roll your wrist, open your wallet or use your phone.

Secure Icon

With pin-based user authentication and no spending limits, paying has never been more secure or convenient.

Choose your look

Style has many faces. Take a look at our headpiece collections to complete your perfect smartwatch. 

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