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Get the creative control: working with large format sensors

Watch the second episode of the Sony Pro Show with filmmakers Hersha Patel, Toby Lockerbie and Stephan Knight – and learn more about dynamic range, colour and grading options.

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Get the perfect look

In this webinar recorded at the Sony Technology Centre in Pinewood Studios, Hersha, Toby and Stephan discuss workflow options for capturing and delivering great-looking footage, with high dynamic range and fabulous colours.

From log files to look-up tables, our expert filmmakers explore how to get the best out of your camcorder and large format sensor. They’ll also discuss the latest firmware for the PXW-FS5 and PXW-Z150 camcorders. This update lets you shoot HDR content in HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) without the need for any additional colour grading.

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We’re holding a Facebook Live Q&A session with Stephan Knight and Tom Crocker, a Sony Product Specialists, to answer your questions from the show on Tuesday 22nd August 4pm (5pm CET). Follow us on Facebook to ensure you don’t miss out.

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Toby Lockerbie [] is a prolific filmmaker, photographer, DoP and editor, with an enviable portfolio spanning commercials, music promos, travel films and more. Recently, he's made travel films in Indonesia for Skyscanner and DP'd a music video for Paul Weller featuring Martin Freeman.

Stephan Knight [] has worked across four continents, filming and directing music videos, promos and live events for TV broadcasters, major record labels and production companies. Recent clients include MTV, REDBULL, Channel 4, BBC, Bentley and Esquire.

Hersha Patel [] was previously a self-shooting and editing TV producer/director, working for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4. She then started her own award-winning company, creating branded content within the entertainment, food, comedy and action sports world. Today she can be seen preparing Indian-inspired dishes on her YouTube channel ‘Cook with a Little Indian’.