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More clarity, colour and contrast in the OR: 4K medical monitors

Our new, award-winning 4K Ultra HD LCD medical monitors give surgeons a richly detailed view of pictures from 4K medical imaging systems. The 55-inch LMD-X550MD and 31-inch LMD-X310MD offer four times the resolution of Full HD plus excellent colour reproduction and contrast – all in a slim, ergonomically styled medical monitor.

More clarity, colour and contrast in the OR: 4K medical monitors

Extra detail when it counts in the OR

The world is going 4K, from Ultra HD televisions and tablets to digital cameras, projectors and more. It’s no surprise that Sony is at the forefront of 4K technology, taking viewers ‘beyond definition’ with images that offer four times the resolution of Full HD (4096 x 2160 pixels, as opposed to 1920 x 1080 for FHD).

The extra detail of 4K – together with a step forward in contrast and colour range – makes it particularly appealing in modern surgical and other clinical applications. There’s a growing choice of surgical endoscopes and laparoscopic camera systems that can output video signals with 4K resolution. Connected to an ordinary Full HD monitor, this additional detail is lost for surgeons and OR staff.

Our LMD-X550MD (55-inch) and LMD-X310MD (31-inch) LCD medical monitors draw on Sony’s leadership in 4K that spans image capture and display for professional broadcasters and consumers alike. 

What's more we're delighted to annouce that these two products have already won an ESP 'Excellence in Surgical Products' award. 

Designed for real-world medical environments


The extra resolution of 4K means a clearer view of fine details than conventional medical monitors. You’ll see the difference with less pixilation, even when zooming in for a magnified view. The advanced OptiContrast Panel™ design cuts distracting screen reflections, boosting image contrast under the glare of bright OR lights. Sony’s powerful A.I.M.E.™ (Advanced Image Multiple Enhancer) technology makes it easier to distinguish on-screen structure, edges and subtle colour differences.

The LMD-X550MD and LMD-X310MD are designed to perform in challenging medical environments. The narrow bezel maximises screen size while reducing both monitors’ overall dimensions. The slim, easy-grip case styling is comfortable to hold and adjust, with flat surfaces that simplify regular cleaning and disinfection.

Designed with the professional in mind

Dr. Hiroyuki Sugaya M.D. shares his thoughts on conducting arthoscope surgery with Sony 4K monitors.

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