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What is high-definition television (HDTV)?

    HDTV is a high resolution digital television signal that is combined with Dolby Digital surround sound. High-definition signals are available through most cable and satellite companies as well as over-the-air broadcast signals.

    High-definition broadcasts have either 1,080 active scan lines in interlaced format (1080i) or 720 lines in progressive format (720p) as defined by the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC).

    All television sets are capable of displaying high-definition broadcasts, provided you have a digital tuner. However, to fully appreciate the enhanced picture quality, the television should have a native resolution of at least 720p or 1080i. If your television does not have a digital tuner, you will need to rent a digital set-top box from your cable or satellite service provider.

    IMPORTANT: Model-specific information about the features of your television can be found in either the marketing specifications section of the instruction manual.