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The sound is distorted from the system output of the Bluetooth speaker

    Follow the troubleshooting steps below if the sound is distorted from the system output of the Bluetooth speaker system:

    NOTE: Each of these steps represents a possible solution to this issue, check the sound output after completing each step.

    1. Turn down the volume of the connected device.
    2. If the connected device has an equalizer function, set it to off.
    3. Keep the Bluetooth speaker system away from a microwave oven, television, wireless LAN or devices that may interfere with the wireless signal.
    4. Bring Bluetooth speaker system and the Bluetooth device closer together. Remove any obstacle between the Bluetooth speaker system and the Bluetooth device.
    5. Charge the Bluetooth speaker system by connecting the AC adaptor if the CHARGE indicator (orange) is flashing.
    6. Broadcasts may not be received or sensitivity may be reduced if you connect a device with a built-in radio or tuner to this Bluetooth speaker system. Move the speaker system further away from the device and check if you can listen to the broadcasts satisfactorily.
    7. If your Bluetooth speaker system has a Priority on stable connection mode, select this mode for Bluetooth Audio Streaming playback quality. For more information on how to set the Priority on stable connection mode, refer to the instructions manual.
    8. For SRS-X9, SRS-X99, SRS-X88, SRS-X77 portable speakers, noise may be generated via the AC outlet. Try connecting the speaker to another AC outlet. Using a commercially-available power source tap with a noise filter may reduce noise.