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No image appears or no sound is heard on the CLM-V55 (clip-on LCD monitor).

    Check the following, when using the camera with live view function:

    1. Make sure that the CLM-V55 is power supplied, either by a battery or by an AC-adapter.
    2. The camera is in power save mode. ‚‚Carry out some camera function such as half-pressing the shutter button to leave power save mode.
    3. Confirm that the HDMI cable is firmly connected to the camera body and clip-on LCD monitor.
    4. Disconnect and reconnect the HDMI cable properly. If you have other HDMI cables, try a different cable.
    5. Connect the camera to other HDMI support monitors and check that video and audio can be played back without problem. If the video and audio are not played back on other monitors, check the HDMI output settings on the camera.
    6. If an image is displayed but the Audio is not played back, make sure the volume of the CLM-V55 is not set to 0.
      1. Move the operation dial.
      2. Turn the operation dial to align the cursor with the speaker icon.
      3. Press the dial to the left to confirm.
      4. Check the volume setting. 


    • When the headphones are connected, no sound is output from the speaker of this unit.
    • Make sure the sound setting of your camera is not set to OFF.
    • Some cameras do not output sound.
      For details, check the instruction manual of your camera.