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How to register the One-Touch Remote Control to TV?

    Please follow the steps below:
    1. Prepare the supplied TV remote control.
    2. Press the Home bbutton and select Settings by using the arrow buttons.
    3. Select System Settings by using the arrow buttons and press the + (ENTER) button.
    4. Select One Touch Remote Control Setup by using the arrow buttons and then press the + (ENTER) button.
    5. Select Register by using the arrow buttons and press the + (ENTER) button.
    6. Prepare One-Touch Remote Control.
    7. Using the One-touch Remote Control, press the Colour Key. 
    8. Press the Home key for 3 seconds while keeping the Colour Key pressed.
    9. The LED will start blinking.  You can now release the keys and wait until the screen changes 

    Once the remote has been registered to the TV, you will be able to pair it with a compatible smart phone or tablet device for One- Touch Mirroring.

    Note: Keep the One Touch Remote near (~1 meter) your TV during the registration procedure.

    Sample image: