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Problems using your external USB TV Hard Disk Drive (HDD)? Discover how to troubleshoot

    Problems with a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) connected via USB can have many different reasons.
    Below you can find a list of the most important ones. Please go through them in order of presenting.

    Before you start

    • Some details may be different for your particular TV model. Have a look at the manual supplied with the product to check product related information.
    • HDD recording cannot be done with a USB memory stick or USB SSD
    • HDD REC and Satellite features are not available if YouView functionality is enabled 

    1. Does my TV support HDD recording?

    Not all Sony TV's support HDD recording. To confirm HDD compatibility, check the specifications on the Sony support website by going to your product page and clicking [Specifications]:

    Under the [Connectivity] section you can see if [USB HDD Recording] is supported.

    Support website specifications screenshot


    2. Is the HDD type verified?

    Check the following articles for verified HDD types:


    3. Is the HDD properly connected and turned on?

    • Verify if your HDD is connected and functional
    • If your TV has more than one USB port, connect the HDD to the USB port labelled [HDD REC]
    • Connecting the Hard Disk Drive via a USB hub is not supported. Instead, connect it directly to the TV.


    4. HDD limitations

    Your HDD might not respond because of file size limitations:

    • if your BRAVIA television is a 2013, or older, model, the maximum file ziser supported is up to 2 GB.
    • if your BRAVIA television is a 2014, or newer, model, the maximum file sizes supported are as follows:

    File System

    Max File Size

    Max hard drive size


    2 GB

    Not supported


    4 GB

    2 TB


    16 TB

    16 TB


    16 TB

    16 TB

    NOTE: Sony cannot ensure the compatibility between BRAVIA and non-Sony USB devices.

    5. Is the HDD registered?

    Besides connecting the HDD to the appropriate USB port, you will need to register the HDD with your TV. Otherwise recording is not possible.


    Keep in mind

    • Part of the registration process for a HDD is a format. That means that any data stored on the HDD will be erased. Back that information up. The HDD will be completely dedicated to Recording.
    • The HDD cannot be used with a computer once it is registered to the TV. You will have to format it again on the PC to enable PC use. Any data will again be erased.


    Registering your HDD

    1. Connect the HDD to your TV

    2. Perform the following procedure:

    • For Android TV models
      Press HOME > settings iconSettings > Recording HDD Set-up > HDD Registration.*
    • For other models
      Press HOME > System Settings > Recording Set-up > HDD Registration.

    *For Android Oreo (OSV-O), the settings icon is located in the top right-hand corner.

    3. Follow the on-screen instructions to register the hard disk drive.

    • A maximum of 8 hard disk drives can be registered.


    Unregistering your HDD

    To unregister a hard disk drive:

    • press HOME > System Settings > Recording Set-up > HDD Deregistration,
    • Select the device to deregister.
    • After deregistration, recorded data cannot be played anymore.

    Only the TV on which you registered the HDD can play the data recorded on the hard disk drive.


    If the steps above do not work

    1. When recognition cannot be performed normally

    • Disconnect the USB cable of the HDD from BRAVIA TV, and then connect it again to confirm whether the symptom is improved.
    • Do not disconnect the USB cable while the HDD being accessed (while the access lamp is flashing). After confirming that the HDD is turned off, disconnect and connect the cable.If the HDD does not turn off after waiting for a while, disconnect the cable/turn the power off after confirming that the access lamp is not flashing (only lit).
    • Disconnect and connect the power cord of BRAVIA TV.
      After turning off BRAVIA TV, disconnect the power cord, and then connect it again to confirm whether the symptom is improved.
    • Check on another HDD (Only if you have more than one device.)
      If you have one or more unused HDD, connect it to your BRAVIA TV to confirm whether the HDD is recognized.

    2. When recording cannot be performed normally

    • Check the remaining space in the hard disk drive.
    • Check the remaining space in the hard disk drive. If little space is left, delete unnecessary content.
    • Check whether your issue corresponds to the following contents.
      • The following programmes cannot be recorded:
        • copy-protected programmes
        • analogue programmes
        • radio programmes from external inputs (including programmes from a connected Set-Top Box)
        • broadband videos
        • scrambled signals
    • Timer recording may not be possible if the broadcasting time of the programme is changed.
    • Recording cannot be performed if more than 1,000 programmes are recorded on the hard disk drive or if the hard disk drive is full.