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What types of USB HDDs (hard disk drives) are compatible with Sony's Android TV?

    IMPORTANT: This page introduces compatible information regarding USB HDD drives for Sony's Android TV.

    USB HDDs that can be used with Sony’s Android TVs must meet the following conditions. However, Sony does not guarantee that they will operate. Use them at your own risk.

    What are the supported file system and maximum drive sizes?

    File System
    before connecting
    Max hard disk drive size for playback
    Max hard disk drive size for recording (*1)Max hard disk drive size for storage (*2)
    FAT162GBNot supported2GB
    FAT322TB (*3)4TB (*4)256GB
    exFat16TB4TB (*4)256GB
    NTFS16TB4TB (*4)256GB

    Important information to note on recording and content size

    *1: Max hard disk drive size for recording: The USB HDD must be registered to the Android TV for recording (to be formatted for recording).
    *2: Max hard disk drive size for storage: The USB HDD must be registered to the Android TV as device storage (to be formatted for storage). This function is available in Android™ OS6 (M) or later.

    • For Android OS6 (M), use a USB HDD that is 256 GB or smaller.
    • For Android OS7 (N) or later, you can use a USB HDD that is 256 GB or larger, but the usable capacity is restricted to 256 GB.

    *3: The maximum size of a content file that can be saved in the USB HDD is restricted to 4 GB.
    *4: A USB HDD up to 16 TB can be connected, but the usable capacity is restricted to 4 TB. Some USB HDDs cannot be used for recording purposes. (E.g. USB HDDs with capacities that are too small (less than 32 GB) cannot be used for recording purposes.)


    What are the specifications of compatible HDDs?

    • RPM: No condition
    • Read/Write speed: No condition
    • USB port types and maximum output (current):
      • USB3.1 Gen 1 port: 900 mA MAX. The port is blue.
      • USB2.0 port: 500 mA MAX or 800 mA MAX. For the maximum output of each port, refer to the labels at the back of the TV or the manual.
        NOTE: When recording, connect to the port labelled HDD REC.
        USB port: Max output (current)TV label examplePort image
        USB3.1 Gen 1 port:
        900 mA MAX
        TV USB port label imageUSB port image
        USB 2.0 port:
        500mA MAX, 800mA MAX
        TV USB port label image
        USB port image


    If a USB HDD is not recognized or cannot be registered even when it is connected, refer to Cannot recognize or register the USB HDD for recording.