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Why is the one-touch connection (NFC) not working?

    Check that the NFC function of the smartphone is enabled. For details, refer to the user's manual of the smartphone.
    The smartphone screen must be unlocked. If the smartphone is enclosed in a case or skin, remove it.

    The NFC sensitivity may not be strong enough to connect the unit with just one touch. Please press and hold the N-Mark part of the head unit with the N-Mark part of the smartphone without moving.
    NOTE: Depending on the smartphone, it may not be possible to make one-touch connection while the smartphone is being charged. Finish charging first, then perform the one-touch operation.

    For a smartphone with Android OS 4.0 or lower installed, please download the “NFC Easy Connect” app available at Google Play.
    NOTE: The app may not be available for download in some countries/regions.

    If nothing happens when you touch the audio device with your smartphone, please try to make the Bluetooth connection manually. Refer to the operating instructions of the audio device for more information about manually connecting Bluetooth.


    • At this time, the NFC feature is not compatible with Apple iOS devices.
    • NFC Easy Connect may not be available in some countries and/or regions.