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What are the different menus, and how do I navigate through them?

    To navigate through the different menus of the television; use the arrow buttons on your remote controller.

    Remote directionsRemote directions
    Use the arrow buttons on your remote to navigate around the TV menuSelect options by pressing the "plus" button. This is the round button in the centre of the circular Menu area of your remote.

    Here is an overview of the available menus in the Sony's Android TVs:


    Search by voice or text. Use the arrow buttons on your remote controller to select the letters for a text-based search.
    Select Search and the results will appear.

    Voice Search menu

    Voice Search menu

    It is also possible to search by voice commands. To activate Voice Control, press the microphone icon on the One-Flick Remote control or use your smartphone with the TV SideView or Android TV Remote Control apps.
    NOTE: TV SideView is available through Google Play Store, and the iTunes App Store. Android TV Remote Control is only available through Google Play Store.

    The Voice Control option on Sony's Android TVs can perform the following options:

    Voice Search
    Examples of search phrases:
    • Pancakes 
    • Romantic comedies
    • Oscar winners 

    Voice Question
    Examples of search phrases:

    • Do I need an umbrella today?
    • What time is it in Auckland?
    • What is 24,000 divided by 7?

    NOTE: The above examples requires an Internet connection. If your television is not connected to the Internet, your searches will be limited to the programme guide.

    Recommended for you

    Here you will find recommended content, or notifications from commonly used apps, as well as your viewing history.
    There is also a Now Playing "card", to quickly resume playback of paused contents.

    To disable Recommendations, go to Settings* → System Preferences → Home Screen → Customise Recommendations and select what content you wish to hide or show.

    Recommended menu

    Features apps

    In this section you will find recommended apps and services from Sony.

    Recommended menu


    Quickly choose your input source from the list of connected devices, like Blu-ray Disc player, or navigate through the used ports, such as HDMI.
    You can also choose to watch broadcast TV from this menu, by selecting Digital/Analogue/Satellite - depending on your broadcast service provider.

    Recommended menu


    In this section you can find a selection of applications you have downloaded and installed from Google Play store.
    Pre-installed apps will also display here, such as Album, Music, Photo Sharing Plus, and Screen mirroring.

    Recommended menu


    This is where you will see the games you have downloaded and installed from Google Play store.
    Pre-installed games will also display here.

    Recommended menu


    In the last menu shelf, you will find the different settings for your television.

    Recommended menu


    Inside this category you will find, among other options:

    Channel setup, External inputs, Display, Sound, Illumination LED, Power, Apps, Daydream, Storage & reset, Auto start-up, About.
    Network & Accessories: Network setup, Google Cast, Bluetooth settings, Touchpad Remote Control settings, Recording HDD Setup.
    System Preferences: : Date & time, Language, Keyboard, Accessibility, Search, Speech, Retail mode settings.
    Personal: Location, Security & Restrictions, Parental lock (Broadcast), Recommendations, Add account.


    Inside this category you will find:

    Wi-Fi: Available networks, Connect via WPS, Manual entry.
    Wired LAN: Internet connection, Advanced options.


    On timer: Set the TV to turn on and off automatically.
    Inside this category you will find: On timer, Day, Time, Duration, Inputs, Channel, Volume setup.

    Sleep timer: Set the TV to turn off automatically.
    Inside this category you will find: 120 min, 90 min, 60 min, 45 min, 30 min, 15 min, Off.


    Help Guide: Built-in version, online version (if the TV is connected to the Internet).
    Contact & Support: Website address and remote support for RDS (the availability of RDS depends on country).
    Self Diagnostics: Self-Diagnostics checks the internal working state of the TV for errors. This takes about 5 seconds.
    Internet connectivity symptoms: Verify your Internet connection, or find out where the connectivity problem may occur.



    • The screenshots provided here are for reference only. The actual screen might differ slightly according to your country, model or firmware version.
    • *For Android Oreo (OSV-O), the settings icon is located in the top right-hand corner.