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How do I measure my heart rate?

    You can measure your heart rate from the "Initial settings" of the app or by selecting "Device Information" - "Measure heart rate" from the app menu.

    Heart rate

    Your heart rate cannot be properly measured if the heart rate sensor of the Smart B-Trainer is not touching your ear canal or if the ear phone section is not deeply fit in your ear. Make sure the sensor (indicated in pink on the picture below) is properly in contact with your ear canal (also in pink on the picture below).

    Sensor on ear canal

    Points when measuring your heart rate

    When you start measuring your heart rate, it will appear on the app screen. Check your heart rate measurement at each of the steps below.

    1. At first, check your resting heart rate. It will appear on the screen (if it cannot be measured, "-" will appear)
    2. Then, take steps while standing in one place, or jump lightly and make sure your heart rate does not change to "-".

      NOTE: If your heart rate does not appear when moving your body, the ear piece or heart rate adjustment cover may not be properly fit.