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Song information cannot be retrieved.

    If you select the "Retrieve song information" option in the app, a screen may appear indicating that song information cannot be retrieved. Check the message displayed on the screen, according to the exact message, follow the steps below.

    1. If "No metadata for music track(s) found. Try again later." appears:

      This message appears when information is not registered in the Gracenote music database.
      Please wait until the song information is registered in the music database, or, if you are using a Windows computer, transfer the song again using Media Go by followingthe steps below.
      1. Launch Media Go
      2. Display the songs stored in the Smart B-Trainer
      3. Remove the song(s) which don't have BPM information from the Smart B-Trainer

        NOTE: Songs can be removed by right-clicking a song and selecting "Delete" from the menu that is displayed.

        IMPORTANT: To prevent removing songs from Media Go, make sure the songs you are deleting are selected from "Music" in the Smart B-Trainer.

        Tracks without BPM
      4. Transfer the removed song(s) back to the Smart B-Trainer from "Library" > "Music".

        • If "BPM" or "Tempo" is not listed as a header field, right-click a header, select "More...", and click "BPM" and "Tempo" as column headers to be displayed.
        • If you transfer songs using Media Go, performing the "Retrieve song information" command on the app is not needed since song information is analysed before songs are transferred with Media Go.
        • In order to transfer songs using Media Go, Media Go must be installed and the songs to be transferred need to be added to the library of Media Go.
    2. If "Song information could not be retrieved. Check your network connection." appears:

      This message appears when your device is not connected to a network.
      Since song information is retrieved over a network, please connect your device to a valid network.

      Instructions for connecting to a valid network varies according to the device, please check the documentation of your device.