Article ID : 00146152 / Last Modified : 02/12/2019

Frequently asked questions - PREMIUM SERVICES

    Q: I purchased a service with an activation code; how do I activate my warranty?

    A: To activate the warranty you purchased, please click here and simply follow the steps.

    Q: I would like to access the terms and conditions for Sony extended service plans.
    A: You can access the generic terms and conditions for our extended service plans here; select your country and language, and then click on the link of the conditions, at the bottom of the page.


    Q: Which Sony products are compatible with Premium Services?


    A: Sony provides extended warranties for all the following Sony devices: BRAVIA, camcorders, Cybershots, Alpha cameras, lenses, Home Audio solutions and Personal Audio solutions.
    For Xperia and Playstation devices, please check our dedicated websites to get more information.

    Q: What is the difference between Premium Services, extended service plan, extended warranty and complete cover?

    A: Extended service plan is a generic term to define extended warranty and complete cover services. Extended warranty is the extension of the manufacturer's warranty. Complete Cover service is an extended warranty service topped with a mishap cover.