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I want to transfer music to a Walkman by drag-and-drop from iTunes for Windows

I don’t know how to transfer songs managed by iTunes without using Media Go application.

    Open Music folder in the Walkman, then transfer music by drag-and-drop from iTunes to your Walkman.

    NOTE: You can only drag-and-drop music managed by iTunes when using a Walkman that supports drag-and-drop function. (The Walkman might not support all functions.)

    1. Connect your Walkman to your computer using the supplied USB cable.
    2. Open the MUSIC folder of your Walkman.
    3. Start up iTunes.
    4. Drag-and-drop the music you want to transfer from iTunes to your Walkman MUSIC folder.
      iTunes for windows


    • Digital Rights Management (DRM) copyright-protected files are not supported.
    • Transferred contents that exceed the folder hierarchy limit of the Walkman are not playable. For information about data hierarchy, refer to the manual.
    • Playlists of iTunes are not transferrable.